Feeding life: a mission of responsibility.

To tell the history of Fugini is more than telling about a company. It is talking about the responsibility of developing quality products that are increasingly healthier, more modern and more practical for all people, and thus provide more free time in each day.

Free time so you can have more life quality, smile more, be happy. Free time to get along with the people you love, just the way you like it. To plan life, with all dreams. Time to live your life.

Living life with respect makes Fugini a company that seeks to contribute to a better world.

To seek this better world, we must have a spirit of boldness and a cutting-edge look with sustainable practices. This requires responsibility, knowledge, investments and innovation.

With this philosophy, Fugini participates in the development of increasingly better and more selected raw materials, encourages the advancement and technological improvement of each partner and supplier and evolves along with each fuginist collaborator.  It is also Fugini's commitment to develop new concepts, whether with new products, categories and packaging, always seeking innovation, modernity, practicality and sustainability.

Sustainability is valuing life, people, their cultures and diversity, treating communities with respect and providing opportunities and development for all.

We look at the whole. We look at you.

This is Fugini. A company that does everything with love because it believes in everything it does.

Product principles
  1. Quality comes first;
  2. Ready or Semi-Ready to eat products;
  3. Constantly searching for innovation (Both in current products and in new lauches);
  4. Shelf stable products, always!;
  5. Adapt our products and formulas to the sustentability and healthness movements of the market;
  6. Use moderate levels of sodium and sugar;
  7. Work with easy handling and easy disposable packaging;
  8. Pursue to be ecofriendly, using raw materials from controlled and assured sources;
  9. Add value to Fugini’s Portfolio, both in current products and new launches;
  10. Respect the Good Manufacturing Pratices and the laws of the country.
Our Brands: